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Chamber of Trade

What is the Chamber of Trade?
Burford Chamber of Trade is a voluntary organisation representing business and professional interest within and around Burford. It is run by its members for its members and was founded in 1967.  It's objectives are;

"with the object to create a spirit of goodwill, unity and friendship among trading and commercial interests with benefits to the said area and to promote the town of Burford and its businesses."

Despite the small size of Burford, the Chamber has managed to contribute a considerable amount to the business welfare of the Town, as well as allowing members to meet for social events.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Free entry on the Burford Chamber of Trade website

  • Free entry on the West Oxfordshire District Council ‘Oxfordshire Cotswolds’ Tourism website

  • Free promotion and publicity on the official Burford social media pages

  • Discounted courses and training

  • Discounted seasonal display goods

  • Participation and favourable charges at social and business networking events set up by the Chamber

  • Participation in the Chamber of Trade LinkedIn group and Social Media groups



How much does it cost?

Membership is calculated on a sliding scale and based on number of employees

1-5 employees (or full time equivalent)                 - £50 per annum

6-20 employees (or full equivalent)                       - £70 per annum

21+ employees (or full time equivalent)                - £100 per annum

Who are the committee members?
Hamish Lauder, Oxford Shirt Company, 54 High Street, Burford Oxfordshire. OX18 4QF
Email: mnl@oxfordshirt.co.uk

Ivy Tuffour, Reavley Chemist, 124 High Street, Burford, Oxfordshire. OX18 4QR
Email: ivytuffour@reavley.co.uk


Benjamin Tuffour, Reavley Chemist, 124 High Street, Burford, Oxfordshire. OX18 4QR
Tel: 01993 823144
Email: benjamintuffour@reavley.co.uk.co.uk 

Sam Al Samad, Spice Lounge, 81 High Street, Burford, OX18 4QA
Tel: 01993 823450
Email: samad.ali@hotmail.co.uk

Rob Broadbent, Lynwood & Co, 134 High Street, Burford, OX18 4QU
Tel: 01993 822543
Email: rob@lynwoodandco.com

Amanda Hanley, Amanda Hanley By Design, The Gallery, 69 High Street, Burford, OX18 4QA
Tel: 01993 822899
Email: amanda@amandahanley.co.uk

Michael Taubenheim, Three French Hens, 59 High Street, Burford, OX18 4QA
Tel: 07711 342608

James Skinner, Tayler & Fletcher, Providence House, 49 High Street, Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4QA

Tel: 01993 220579
Email: james.skinner@taylerandfletcher.co.uk


About the chamber logo

Burford Chamber of Trade logo

The Chamber of Trade logo is based on the old Burford seal, of the ‘Ramping Cat’ of Burford, or more correctly, the lion rampant gardant – that is upright and facing the viewer.  It was redesigned in 2014 to give it a more current look while still maintaining it's historical significance.

It was originally the badge of Robert FitzHamon who granted the charter which established the merchants’ guild between 1088 and 1107.